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Indian roadnetwork is second largest in the world, aggregating to about 46.90 lakh kilometers at present. The country's road network consists of National Highways (NHs), State Highways, Major/other District roads and Village/Rural roads. 

The lengthwise distribution of our Indian roads is as under:

National Highways/Expressways     79,116 Km

State Highways                             1,55,716 Km

Other Roads                                  44,55,010 Km


(Courtesy : PIB and NHAI)


Highways are considered as the arteries of a nation. Our growth and development is dependent upon them. KCC Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. has been an active partner in our country's growth for the last two decades and we will continue to do so with our rich experience.


KCC Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. has expanded itself further into the field of Runways construction with the successful completion of its runway project at Jaisalmer. It has build upon the technical knownhow and other aspects of runway construction. We are currently involved in expanding further in this direction.