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KCC Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. was started from scratch and raised to its present level by the hard work and commitment of its founders Sh. Balraj Kundu and Sh. Shivraj Kundu. In the year 1999, it all began in the form of a partnership firm, Kundu Construction Co. In the year 2010, the work of the firm was incorporated under KCC Buildcon Pvt. Ltd.


Mr. Balraj Kundu - Founder and Chairman


He is in the field of construction for more than two decades. Under his leadership, management  and guidance, the company has successfully executed numerous projects across various locations in the country. His adherence to discipline, commitment and dedication to quality is the motto that has been adopted as the guiding philosophy of the company.


Mr. Shivraj Kundu - Co-founder and Managing Director


His vast experience in the field of construction has been an inspiration and guiding force for the company and behind the successful completion of its numerous projects. His focussed approach towards work is one of the main strengths of the company's success.